Nguni Breeders Society of Namibia

Tatekulu Stud

P.O. Box 406
Cell: +264 812692030
Tel: +264 63 252422


About Tatekulu Stud:

The name is derived from the Oshiwambo language
meaning elderly male person. It was chosen for two reasons: I was 70 years old when I founded the stud, while the Nguni is probably the oldest pure cattle breed in Africa.
The home of the stud is farm Noib on the edge of the Kalahari between Mariental and Gochas. Noib will be in the family for 80 years this year and the stud was transferred to the Benadé Family Trust to ensure continuity.


Why Nguni:

The first (commercial) cattle were bought in 2002 as a sideline to sheep. Their hardiness, fecundity, ease of calving and docile temperament so impressed us that we decided to make these magnificent animals our main farming leg.
Registered bulls from Kiep Lepen’s Zulana Stud, and Sandveld Research Station as well as registered females from Sandveld and Hans and Bianca Sohrada’s Ouhave stud were subsequently bought. Registered females now number >60 and we intend to double this number. Breed stock will be available as of 2010.

Our vision is to breed medium-framed animals with good muscling while maintaining the superior characteristics of the breed: hardiness, fecundity, easy calving and good mothering, longevity and docility. Skin colour and other “fancy points” are disregarded in selection. We consider Ngunis and Sangas as two lines of the same breed and make no distinction between them.