Nguni Namibia

Nguni Cattle Breeders Association of Namibia


The Nguni was accepted as a developing cattle breed during August 1983 by South Africa’s Livestock Improvement Act, no 25 of 1977. Initially the word Sanga was proposed. It was not acceptable, since the Afrikaner could also be classified as a Sanga. The name Nguni was eventually accepted and all ecotypes of the Sanga would be registered under this name. The first Nguni constitution was accepted by the SA Studbook on 1 November 1986.

The Namibian Stud Breeders Association(NSBA) was formally established in January 1992. Ever since the first meeting Nguni cattle breeders were part of the organization.

The first Nguni Cattle Breeders Club in Namibia was established on 7 October 1991. It’s main purpose was, and still is today, to take care of the interests of it’s members and the conservation of the breed. A few months later it was however realized that the Livestock improvement act only applied to Breeder Associations. On 1 February 1994 the Nguni Breeders Association of Namibia was established. All administration and registration has since been done by the NSBA.

In 2003 the NSBA decided to implement a new recording-, registration- and performance system. The NSBA decided to use the Australian Breedplan and ILR(International Livestock Register) System. Currently over 80 breeder organizations are using Breedplan and ILR systems.

Currently the Nguni Breeders Association has 40 members of whom 30 are stud breeders.  The management of the organisation is in the care of Mr. Pieter Krone (President), Mr. Andreas Mbinga (Vice president) and Mrs Gisela Giess (Secretary).

In order to promote the production of the Nguni, as well as the utilisation of the breed in in the National Cattle Herd the Board currently is implementing the following strategic plan under the guidance of Mr. Bertus Kruger:

Nguni Breeders’ Society

Work plan 2015





Time frame



Scientific knowledge of the NGUNI is available


Document and share best practices

Bertus Kruger

Kiep Lepen,

1 July 2015

Best practices document available


Promote the economic value of the Nguni breed


Advertise in each Agriforum on a monthly basis and publish article in the November special issue

Ingo Jacobi &

Georg Friedrich


12 quarter-page inputs in Agriforum of 2015 plus article in November edition


Publish in “Die Boer” magazine of the Republikein and Omundu Magazine

Ingo Jacobi

Sept 2015

2 articles published


Organise promotion day north of the VCF

Jacob Theron

Sept 2015

To be informed by MAWF


Hold promotion day at Goibeb Lodge

Gisela Giess

Eva SvW

Jacob Theron

11 Aug 2015


Hold promotion day at Grootberg/Erwee

Pieter Krone

Bertus Kruger

3 Sept 2015


Hold judges conference at Omatjenne

Giesela Giess

Andreas Mbinga

16 March 2015


Address Agribank FSP mentors conference

Bertus Kruger

Liaise with Richard Kamukuenjandje of FSP


Address Neudam students

Andreas Mbinga


Publish article in response to Karan statement

Bertus Kruger

Ingo Jacobi

July 2015


Promote Nguni Trade Mark

Didi January


Performance data on NGUNI available


Establish NGUNI study group

Bertus Kruger

Pieter Krone

July 2015


Actively participate in the “Cattleman of the year” competition

Bertus Kruger

Pieter Krone

July 2015


Identify and develop new markets


Conduct joint auctions with GRN in NCAs

Jacob Theron

To be informed by MAWF